Types of Lighting for Modern Homes of Las Vegas

Shapiro & Sher Group 1215 S Fort Apache Rd #210 Las Vegas, NV 89117 United States Aside from the structure and design of a modern home, another factor that adds elegance to the home’s overall design is the lighting. It could help in setting the overall mood of a certain room. Here are the types of lightning that would perfectly fit the modern homes of Las Vegas:

Recessed Lighting Recessed Lighting Recessed lights are light fixtures installed into the hollowed parts or holes of a ceiling. Recessed lights focus on a vertical, downward direction. Traditionally, this type of lighting is used in kitchens, but it has now made its way to modern home interior design. This type of lighting requires a lot of preparations unlike other types of lighting.

Pendant lighting Pendant Liighting These are hanging, decorative light fixtures. However, they are not big enough to be considered as chandeliers. Pendant lighting matches the minimalist nature of a modern home. It provides accent to a certain room. Pendant fixtures can usually support any types of bulb. Therefore, you can customize the brightness or color of light that you want according to the mood of the room.

Chandeliers Decorative lighting Chandeliers are also decorative lighting. This type of lighting is typically used in the larger parts of the house such as the living room. They fit perfectly in high ceiling areas. They can also be found adjacent to the staircase. Chandeliers, just like other decorative lighting, are always the focal point of the room.

Indirect lighting Indirect Lighting Indirect lighting is a type of lighting where the light is radiated by another source and not emitted by the direct source of light. Indirect lighting could be in a form of hanging fixtures where the light fixture is covered and the light reflects on the ceiling. It could also be in a form of a molding or cast that allows the light to reflect over the ceilings or walls. Indirect lighting does not stand alone and must always be paired with direct lighting, particularly on the workspaces around the house.

Lighting is one of the most astonishing features of a house, so might as well thoroughly plan about which type of lighting to use in setting the vibe that you want for your home. Shapiro & Sher Group works with various professionals in the field of designing modern homes. If you are looking for high class modern homes in Las Vegas, call 702-315-0223 or send us an e-mail at info@shapiropandsher.com.


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